Living The Dream

Because You Only Live This Life Once

About DrJudiC

I am Dr. Judi Cinéas (DrJudiC) the founder of Living The Dream, an organization providing Counseling, Life Empowerment and Motivational Coaching in Palm Beach, FL. With many years of experience as a psychotherapist, I use my counseling skills to help clients maximize their progress.
Picture2Author of the book Six Months To Dr.: How To Complete A Dissertation In Six Months. I have also been working with doctoral candidates as to help them progress toward completing their theses and dissertations. I hold a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I’m working on my second decade of experience working with individuals, families and organizations providing Counseling and Behavior Modification services in South Florida. After a rough start, I PHinisheD my dissertation in 6 months, and I wrote a book to show others how I did it. I even talk about the mistakes that caused my rough start so others won’t make it too. I’ve published a few books. One of  my favorite things about my work is that the  beach is outside my office 🙂

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