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Five (5) tips For Handling Mental Health Crisis or Aggression

Five (5) Easy Self Esteem Boosters #MHAM

  • Identify the Negative message & reframe it

  • Identify and show case your strengths

  • Surround yourself with positivity

  • Set achievable goals and reach them

  • Use Affirmation

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Five (5) Tips For Conquering Fear #MHAM

If fear didn’t hold you back, how far would you go?





Many of us experience some fear at times. Experiencing fear is a normal part of the human experience. Fear is a good thing. It makes people think twice. It gives reason to pause and evaluate situations before acting. What makes the difference is not in whether or not you experience fear, rather how you use the fear when it presents. Conquering fear is something that must be done by everyone in order to insure that their goals are realized.

Face it You can’t fight an enemy that you are denying exists. Acknowledge that there is a issue and that/ ho it is impacting your life. Do some research and soul searching to determine where the whole thing came from. That may help you realize where the whole thing started and give you a starting point for undoing the damage.

Educate yourself on the true reality. This is a way of confronting the fear. Get to know that which you are afraid of. The monster in the closet seems a lot less scary once you know that it’s just your shirt falling off the hanger. When we take the time to explore things and really get to know them, we find that they are usually not as scary as we make them out to be. Even when something may still present some danger, the level that we can make them out to be is often substantially higher than what they actually are.

Adjust your environment to help you cope as you make the transition.  Adjustments can be very basic. They simply need to be things that help make the transition more manageable. If you have an issue with public speaking, a simple adjustment can be bringing someone with you who makes you comfortable, that way when you look out in the audience and see them smile you remember to relax. It can be as simple as bringing a picture with you that will serve as a reminder when you see

Reality shaping is the process of creating the life that you want. You can have all these ideas and things that you want, but fitting them into your reality requires that you face some of the things that have kept you from being able to attain them. As you do that one of the things that you will need to look at the things that you will be able to achieve once you conquer your fears. This in a way is drawing the image that can be used as a motivator. In Attitude Adjustment I talk about designing a road map or blueprint to your goals and having the cover image be your desired destination. In reality shaping you are doing the same thing- Painting a picture of the things that you will do when you are no longer being held back by fear.

Strength building helps you through the moments of doubt. You start with your existing strengths that are used to reinforce your ability to indeed go forth and defeat your fears.  As you progress, your strengths will increase. Each step you take forward will be confirmation something else you are capable of. Hold on to these moments and keep them in your toolbox. When you come to moments of doubt, reach in and see those steps that you have been able to take and recapture the strength that helped you get there and will help you make your next step.


Five (5) Stress Management Tips #MHAM

Stress management is necessary for maintaining one’s quality of life, but because “stress” is not always a visible, tangible or calculable item that can be pointed to on an imaging screen or shown on a lab result sheet, it is often over looked. Many people talk about stress but don’t actively engage in stress management. What people often neglect is the fact that failing to effectively manage stress can lead to some of the physical ailments that they will be able to see, measure and test for, such as ulcers and high blood pressure. It is also true that while “stress” is often talked about methods of managing it are not as often addressed as stress is often considered and accepted as “a part of life”. While that may be true, there are some things that can be done to reduce and manage stress, including the following:

  1. Exercise and Eat Well

Exercising is a great way to release tension. You can exercise to relax before things get out to hand, or if you are already feeling overwhelmed, exercising can help you release some of that pressure and give you an endorphin boost to help you get to the next step. Eating well is just as important as it provides your body with the necessary fuel to get through all that you are putting it through. It is not enough to eat to fill your stomach. Eating is about more than hunger prevention- it is the mechanism through which you support your body. Your car would stay up just fine perched up on four bricks, but I’m sure you prefer to have sitting on four tires when you park it, that way it is ready to go when you set off to your next destination. The same should apply to your body. Feed it right consistently so that it is ready to go handle your next challenge.

  1. Plan and Time Management

One of the greatest benefits of planning is that it allows you to in some way foresee what is to come. That gives you the opportunity to anticipate roadblocks and hiccups and put resources in place to address them. Planning helps you to manage your time more effectively and provide the opportunity to see and choose how you are investing your time.

  1. Delegate and Get Help

Make use of the resources available to you. There are others around who can and will take on some of the load and at time may do so even more efficiently. Take the opportunity to enlist them. When you delegate, you remove things from your plate allowing you time to focus on the things that you really do have to do. Having more to do than you have time for is another frequent source of stress. The pressure experience in trying to get it all done and feeling pressed for time can be easily managed by allow others to do their part. Many people feel the need to do it all so that it is done “their way” but you must also remember that your way is not necessarily the only way. There is a great need to make the shift from focusing on your way and to allowing simply a correct way to provide. The goal should be to have things done right, and that means accepting that there may be more than one way (your way) of doing something. Give others the opportunity to do something their way and get it right too.

  1. Prioritize and Pick Your Battles

Prioritize. Not just the things that you have to do but even more importantly, the things that you give your attention to. Be stingy with your mental space and emotions. Don’t just let anything and anyone in. This is one of the places that people waste most, by giving their time, attention and emotion to things that really do not matter. If a situation does not take away from you or would not possibly bring you a benefit, it may not be necessary for you to engage. The stress brought on by things that would not have affected our lives if we chose not to engage is completely avoidable. In life you will have more than your fair share of unavoidable stress, and it is up to you to keep your stress tank from over-flowing by not allowing the avoidable stresses to linger in.

  1. Speak Up and Talk To Someone

When a situation directly (or even indirectly but actually) affects your life, it is important to speak up and do so in a timely manner. Not speaking up doe s not make the issue go away. It simply gives it time to simmer inside you.

Managing stress effectively should create an opportunity for you to have more time to dedicate to life affirming activities. It does not matter what it is that you are doing, it simply matters that you are doing something. Engage in activities that remind you of how great life is. Take time to create and savor beautiful moments. It does not matter how much you do in your everyday life if you are not enjoying your life. Managing stress effectively helps you create opportunities to enjoy  your life, so make stress management a priority.