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Five (5) Tips For Helping Children Manage ADHD

Five (5) Tips For Dressing With ADHD In Mind

Five (5) Tips For Helping Resistant ADHD Sufferers

Five (5) Organization Tips For ADHD Sufferers

Five (5) Things Every Adult With ADD/ADHH Should Know About Themselves

Five (5) Tips For Working With Colleagues With ADD/ADHD

Work is one of the places where symptoms of ADD/ADHD have some of their greatest impact. The individual who is working through the symptoms want very much to have that stable work day where all the work they do lead to results that show the depth of their efforts. Unfortunately ADD/ADHD take a great deal of work to manage, and that is not just on the part of the person who has. Just as the team’s work can be impacted by the person’s symptoms, there are some things that the team can do to help the individual. Whether you are a colleague, supervisor, or supervisee, you can make a world of difference. Start with these 5 tips:

  1. A written follow up is important
  2. Provide enough but not too much time
  3. Prioritize and spread your requests
  4. Stay focused and be consistent
  5. Respect their time and space.

I know the clip is long 🙂 Recap starts at 6:53


Five (5) Tips For Helping A Spouse With ADD/ADHD

We are used to hearing about how to help children with ADD/ADHD, but the adults they later grow up to be get forgotten. While many children outgrow their ADD/ADHD, most of them don’t. They become adults with ADD/ADHD who go on to have regular jobs, relationships and families that can be impacted by their ADD/ADHD. While I look for a more recent source to cite, until then I will share that an NIMH funded National Comorbidity Survey Replication, estimated the prevalence of Adult ADHD at 4.4% in 2006.

I realize I am a bit long winded for ADHD, but you can catch the summary in starting at 9:22
1. Excellent organization system- With bins and color coding
2. Shared calendars
3. Plan and write things down
4. Gentle reminders but no nagging
5. Build in a time cushions- No more than 5 to 10 minutes