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Five (5) Communication Don’ts Couples Should Avoid

  1. Forget who they are talking to- This is your spouse, you partner in this life journey, not an enemy. You have to take that in consideration even and especially when you are upset.

  2. Make decision solo /with others then TELL them- If you fail to include your partner in discussions and decisions it’s not quite fair and may be a bit naïve to expect that they will simply buy in. Communication focuses on a discussion not dictation.

  3. Quiet Forgiveness / Suffer in Silence- If you are going to let something go you can still tell your partner that there was something that bothered you. When you just let it go and don’t make them aware, you risk a repeat that you may not be as willing to let go.

  4. Forget the difference between communicating & Arguing/ Fighting- Having a discussion and communicating are not the same as arguing or fighting. You have to be careful not to allow your fear of getting into fight to prevent you from communicating.

  5. Failing to listen / HEAR your partner- Communication is more than hearing the sounds. You must listen to your partner and take in the messages they share. It is important to value and validate the things they share to encourage continued communication.